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Pixelwarp Evo  immersive Projection Curved Screen Software

Pixelwarp Evo is the next evolution in geometric correction (warping) and edge blending of curved multi-projection screen applications. Ie Games and Simulators and windows 7 desktop applications.xelwarp Evo is a software tool for geometric correction (warping) and edge blending of full screen real-time applications. The software is simply manipulated through control points, aligning the projected display to the screen surface.

Designed for wide screen gaming and simulators projected onto flat or curved screen displays.

New Features.

Warps and blends both windows desktop and full screen applications.
*32 and 64 bit applications.
*Up to 16 projector display outputs on one PC or 16 in Quadro mode.
*Supports ATI eyefinity group mode.
*Compatible with native NVidia mosaic technologies.
2 projectors: Single NVidia K5000
4 projectors: Single NVidia K5000
8 projectors: Two NVidia K5000 + SLI or Two NVidia K5000 + Quadro Sync
12 projectors: Tree NVidia K5000+ Quadro Sync.
16 projectors: Four NVidia K5000+ Quadro Sync.
*Up to 40 x 40 warp points.
*Auto warp applications at PC start-up.
*360 screen support.*Display rotation within a group.
*Remote adjustment via network.
*Advanced edge blend shaping.
*Free hand masking.
*Image animations for linearity test
*Runs DirectX and OpenGL Windows Games and simulators and windows 7/8 desktop applications.
*Adjustable amount of warp control points.
*Edge blend with individual RGB gamma adjustments.
*Advanced Edge blend with individual warp points.
*Runs on GPU for same as game frame rates.
*Auto warping of anything that runs on the pc no menu loader or dll to mess with.
*Projector color balance per output.
*Adjustable size edge blend.
*USA tech support.
*Works with Triple head 2 go units.
*Pick the display to warp.
*Multiple test patterns and images, even your own custom ones.
*Digital download no shipping.
*Loads SGL2 and DT config files.                                        

WHERE CAN I USE Pixelwarp?
Pixelwarp is a versatile software tool that can be used to:
•align Movies/Games /Sims onto curved and non-planar projection screens
•align and edge blend multi-projector displays
•align and edge blend curved screen displays

WHY CHOOSE Pixelwarp?
Pixelwarp delivers next generation performance by leveraging the power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the host computer.
•Resolution is only limited to that provided by the GPU
•Low latency
The user interface is easy to use, 
•Simple mouse and keyboard operation
•Real-time responsiveness
•Configuration of complex displays in minutes yet under the hood lies a powerful and sophisticated system. 

Some of the features include:
•Multi-display support.
•Has gamma control for edge blend.
•Matrox TripleHead2Go and QuadHead support.

Software Requirements
Windows  7 / 8 32 or 64bit 
Directx 9 / 10 / 11 or Opengl games and sim's.

Minimum 2GHZ processor.

Projector Outputs configurations

Any combination of 16

evo-advanced-warp-and-blend-software evo-advanced-warp-and-blend-software evo-advanced-warp-and-blend-software evo-advanced-warp-and-blend-software
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