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Pixelwix 360 degree screens are an innovation in video projection screen design that displays 360 degrees of video , simulation or game content on a continuous 360 degree display screen.

Hanging a 360 rear projection Screen from a ceiling allow viewers to enjoy a dual display (view from inside and outside) from anywhere in a room.

Using the 360 screens with say Pixelwix Multiview servers you can support multiple live HD video feeds to accompany on-stage performances or multiple live cables box video windows or use Pixelwix Nsync servers to integrate more interactive elements 3D and 2D custom content that are designed for the 360 displays.

Pixelwix have  developed a 360 automatic graphic generation software for club visuals called Viz Or take your 360 display screen to the max with a custom 360 degree video content .

What ever you choose call Pixelwix engineers today a see how we can take your 360 visuals to the max.

360° Screens are all custom orders to suit your size and application requirements. Please call us 1-727-234-0113 or email us at info@pixelwix.com for more details.

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